Paradas 11 07 Janonio Vienybes a. Kaune apie 1950 m cropped



Kaunas Trade Union House

Gercas: "Basically, all amateur activities had to go through a selection process.

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1990 / 2000

Žvangutis kindergarten

Gabrielė: Early morning.

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MG 9381kl2

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and its dorms

Alma: Some time ago, this university was called Kaunas Polytechnic Institute and the campus was built only around 1975.

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Lithuanian yacht club

Gintaras Vitulskis: These pictures are from the 1930s: in one of them, there is a festive formation of yachtsmen (or maybe sea scouts) captured as seen from Aleksotas, and the other one with Aleksotas in the background. In 1932, the yacht club was established next to Aleksotas bridge in a building floating on a pontoon platform, the so called brandwacht.

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kki ledo ciuozykla
1956 / 1961

Ice-rink in Žaliakalnis

The ice rink in front of the State Institute of Physical Education was a favourite place for the youth of Žaliakalnis

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Laisves aleja 6x6 06 jxb
1940 / 1990

Laisvės avenue during soviet time

Writer Markas Zingeris: for me as a child, Laisvės Avenue was both freedom and a promise.

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05 rolling carpet across the street kl

Kaunas Castle Bus Stop



Asija: “The most important place for me was the Sobor.

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Karo muziejaus sodelis XX a. 8 as desimtmetis

Garden of the Museum of War, 1970s

Alvydas Vaitkevičius: A note on the monument of Salomėja Nėris: I remember it standing there.

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Monument for Maironis

parke 3

Vytautas Park

Neringa: In childhood, our parents would bring us to Vytauto Park.

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Arteritorija vidus spalvota

What place is this?

Riddle for our website visitors:What place is this?

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1986 / 1987

Sculptures in Ąžuolynas (The Oakwood Park)

Alvydas (50): When my then-future wife was studying in Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, we would often walk around the Oakwood Park...

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Church of St. Gertrude

Gintaras Vitulskis: The first victory.

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Tadas Ivanauskas High School

Tadas Ivanauskas High School

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Žalgiris Stadium

Gintaras: Žalgiris Stadium was not only a place of sports events; people were also interested in the shows by stunt drivers from Czechoslovakia.

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Edita 1963 m erzina liutus

Lions of the War Museum

Rimantas: “This photo of my daughter Edita is taken in 1963, when she was 3.5-years-old.

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Nauja Romuva

Romuva cinema

Vitalijus: I remember Romuva from my childhood.

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Juozas Naujalis Music Gymnasium

Raimonda Pauzienė (51): [In Juozas Naujalis Music School] everyone was trained to be a musician.

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Kauno zenklas

The sign of Kaunas

Neringa: Yesterday, while driving from Vilnius to Kaunas, I saw the “new” sign of the city of Kaunas and realized that the old sign was a really special place.

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