Monument for Maironis

parke 3

Vytautas Park

Neringa: In childhood, our parents would bring us to Vytauto Park.

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Žalgiris Stadium

Gintaras: Žalgiris Stadium was not only a place of sports events; people were also interested in the shows by stunt drivers from Czechoslovakia.

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Dismantling of Lenin monument

Gintaras: "One detail stuck to my mind from the dismantling of Leninas monument: next to Donelaičio Street, under a tree, I saw an elderly couple, probably of Russian nationality.

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Laisvės Ave.

Asija: “In the evenings, Laisvės Avenue was full of people.

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Edita 1963 m erzina liutus

Lions of the War Museum

Rimantas: “This photo of my daughter Edita is taken in 1963, when she was 3.5-years-old.

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Café at Artists' House

Greta: If someone asked which place of student life is the dearest to me, I would say that it's Artists' House.

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Garden reconstruction of war museum


Lithuanian yacht club

Gintaras Vitulskis: These pictures are from the 1930s: in one of them, there is a festive formation of yachtsmen (or maybe sea scouts) captured as seen from Aleksotas, and the other one with Aleksotas in the background. In 1932, the yacht club was established next to Aleksotas bridge in a building floating on a pontoon platform, the so called brandwacht.

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1 Treciojo amziaus universiteto studentai 2018 11 07 Andrius Aleksandravicius copy

Lions of the War Museum

In December, 2018 The lions that are protecting the entrance to Vytautas Magnus War Museum commemorate their 85th anniversary.

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dainuslenis rimante1

Dainų Slėnis (The Song Valley) of Kaunas

DSC 8874

Senas Stalčius (Old Drawer)

Music club Senas Stalčius (Laisvės ave.

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Lions of the War Museum

Žilvinas: “My brother and I, we are twins.

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Jėzuitų gimnazija

Audronė: „Pradėjau lankyti devintą vidurinę Senamiestyje.

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Ramybės (Serenity) Park

Asija: ”A protest happened in Ramybės (Serenity) Park, after which it was decided to remove the cemetery located in the park.

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sporto hale

Kaunas Sports Hall

Video by students of Vytautas Magnus University:Justė Balytaitė, Monika Žekaitė, Agnė Muškietaitė, Kristina Jazdauskaitė, Natalija Žėkaitė.

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zoologijos sodas

The Zoo in Kaunas

Video by students of Vytautas Magnus University: Justė Balytaitė, Monika Žekaitė, Agnė Muškietaitė, Kristina Jazdauskaitė.

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Vienybės (Unity) Square after the war

Lili Kristina Vaičekauskaitė-Čepauskienė: If someone is collecting historical material, there is an interesting episode.

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Miesto Sodas (City Garden) during the Soviet times

Arkadijus Vinokuras (member of the "Company"): We were proud of Kaunas, and the situation of Lithuania hurt us, so a lot of us would carry a litas coin featuring Duke Vytautas from the Smetona times.

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Demokratų (Democrats) Square

Dobrė: “The action was held in November 1941: at 6 pm we were lined up.

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