Demokratų (Democrats) Square

Dobrė“The action was held in November 1941: at 6 pm we were lined up. Our line, where my aunt, my grandmother and I were standing, was checked only after dark. At the time, I was ill, covered in boils, and for that reason I looked very tired, and my grandmother as well. Only my aunt was able to work. A Jew officer came to us, he was a friend of my father, which is why he let us go to the „good side” and we were not condemned to die. Everyone was amazed; it was a gift from God to us.”

"The authorities ordered us to pack our belongings. As we were living in a ghetto, many of our relatives were killed, that is how we collected some clothes. We packed our bags and in October 1943, a carriage arrived in the ghetto territory. We thought we would be taken to the Ninth Fort, however, as we drove past it we understood that we would live. We arrived at a square and saw trains. We were lined up again, men, women, elders and children were separated. We were forced into wagons and the train took off in an unknown direction. How many days it took, I cannot tell. It was a horrible trip; I was constantly hearing cries and groans." (2017)


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