Paradas 11 07 Janonio Vienybes a. Kaune apie 1950 m cropped


Vilijampole 5


Jolita: My grandparents lived "on the hill", in Vilijampolė.

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dainuslenis rimante1

Dainų Slėnis (The Song Valley) of Kaunas

1930 / 1939

The Building of Kaunas Garrison Officers' Club

The first building of Garrison Officers' club during the Interwar period was in a two-storey building designed by an unknown architect at the corner of Laisvės Alėja and A.

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Kaunas mosque

Jonas: "The mosque that previously belonged to National M.

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Rotušės aikštė

Audronė: ,,Gyvenau ir ligi šiol gyvenu name, kuriame yra ,,Medžiotojų užeigos“ restoranas.

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1955 / 1965

Smėlynas (The Sands; P. Vileišio Square)

Petras Vileišis Square (or Smėlynė, as it was called by the residents of Kaunas) was a place famous for horse racing.

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Expression dance troupe "Sonata"

Liucija and Daiva: "Sonata" was an integral part of our youthful life, just like lessons, it was the same with dancing.

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1. Solveiga Lukminaite Kauno Jachtklube 1997 m.

Yacht club

Solveiga Lukminaitė: My brightest memories are related to my favourite places in Kaunas, especially Kaunas yacht club.

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A yard in Dainava district

Portraits of friends (1985) captured in the yards of Dainava microdistrict

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Kauno arkikatedra bazilika

Audronė: „Katedros šventorius buvo atskirtas plačia tvora, viduje buvo parduotuvytės.

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IMG 20150306 155214

Russian Aesthetic Education Centre

A.K.: Russian Aesthetic Education Centre later received the name of Mstislav Dobuzhinsky.

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3. Paminklo vaizdas is priekio

1972, Romas Kalanta

(Saulius Eduardas Pauliukonis, actor of Šiauliai Drama Theatre, former actor of Kaunas Pantomime troupe, who worked in Kaunas Drama Theatre with director J.

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The Zoo

Kęstutis: "We were living at Gričiupio Street, where the current KTU student campus is located.

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IMG 20180721 092452

Lions of the War Museum

Žilvinas: “My brother and I, we are twins.

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IMG 3179

"Paveikslinė" Picture Gallery

D.B.: Even though that for most residents of Kaunas, Picture Gallery seems as located in a Bermuda triangle, to me it has probably become a symbolic place, where I made the decision about my profession.

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Laisvės Ave.

Asija: “In the evenings, Laisvės Avenue was full of people.

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parke 3

Vytautas Park

Neringa: In childhood, our parents would bring us to Vytauto Park.

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Lions of the War Museum

Birutė: "It was a long time ago...When in 1955 I‘ve settled down in Kaunas together with my parents and saw the sculptures of lions in the Garden of the War Museum, I was so surprised.

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1985 Laisves aleja 03


Kauno zenklas

The sign of Kaunas

Neringa: Yesterday, while driving from Vilnius to Kaunas, I saw the “new” sign of the city of Kaunas and realized that the old sign was a really special place.

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