Paradas 11 07 Janonio Vienybes a. Kaune apie 1950 m cropped


Nauja Romuva

Romuva cinema

Vitalijus: I remember Romuva from my childhood.

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06 man puts political drawings kl

Kaunas Castle Bus Stop during the Soviet times

Liucija: I arrived from the sea coast to study in Vilnius.

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tarnausku seima sventinis pasiplaukiojimas nemunu

Bridge for Vytautas Magnus

1 photographPovilas (first to the right) and Vandas (second to the left), Tarnauskas, restaurant "Versalis" shareholders, festive visit to Nemunas.

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parke 3

Vytautas Park

Neringa: In childhood, our parents would bring us to Vytauto Park.

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Jėzuitų gimnazija

Audronė: „Pradėjau lankyti devintą vidurinę Senamiestyje.

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1990 / 2000

Partizanų street

Street, yard, house. I still remember where a turn should be taken in order to find myself next to the nine-store house, which was my most favourite place in my childhood.

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Expression dance troupe "Sonata"

Liucija and Daiva: "Sonata" was an integral part of our youthful life, just like lessons, it was the same with dancing.

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A yard in Dainava district

Portraits of friends (1985) captured in the yards of Dainava microdistrict

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Tadas Ivanauskas High School

Tadas Ivanauskas High School

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1962 Jonas N

Lions of the War Museum

Jonas: “At the beginning of July 1962 and after graduating the 1st High School of Ukmergė (now the High School of Jonas Basanavičius), My classmate Vytautas Juknys and I, Jonas Navikas, arrived at Kaunas for the first time (!).

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rsz 1tarnauskas ir tarnauskiene
1930 / 1940


Liuda Riaukienė: “My grandparents Povilas and Vanda Tarnauskai were shareholders of Versalis company.

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1930 / 1939

The Building of Kaunas Garrison Officers' Club

The first building of Garrison Officers' club during the Interwar period was in a two-storey building designed by an unknown architect at the corner of Laisvės Alėja and A.

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Laisvės Ave. 3

Asija: “When the family got too big, we received a room in Laisvės Ave.

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IMG 3179

"Paveikslinė" Picture Gallery

D.B.: Even though that for most residents of Kaunas, Picture Gallery seems as located in a Bermuda triangle, to me it has probably become a symbolic place, where I made the decision about my profession.

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Neries krantinė

Audronė: „Prie Neries nevyko nieko įdomaus.

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Laisvės Alėja (Freedom Ave.)

Aleksandra: “I lived just next to Laisvės Alėja.

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1985 Laisves aleja 03



Dismantling of Lenin monument

Gintaras: "One detail stuck to my mind from the dismantling of Leninas monument: next to Donelaičio Street, under a tree, I saw an elderly couple, probably of Russian nationality.

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Vilijampole 5


Jolita: My grandparents lived "on the hill", in Vilijampolė.

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1955 / 1965

Smėlynas (The Sands; P. Vileišio Square)

Petras Vileišis Square (or Smėlynė, as it was called by the residents of Kaunas) was a place famous for horse racing.

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