S. Darius and S. Girėnas

Eugenija: "I saw the graves of Darius and Girėnas in the institute.
I was admitted to the medicine institute in 1945. As a student I was curious to see them.
There was a chapel. In the chapel there were two graves. In the Soviet times. When the Germans came, the medicine institute got closed. Although some people were let to finish their year.
At that time I was in my first year. I went there one day, the graves were no longer there. There’s a story to this.
The faculty of the pharmaceutical chemistry was on the third floor. There were a lot of spirits there. German soldiers were put on duty near the institute. Because they thought that these were those graves. Darius and Girėnas were hit by Germans. In the faculty worked professor Šiaulis, he basically lived there, because he was a bachelor. I worked for him when I finished the institute.
There also lived a man responsible for fires, Rauba. Professor Šiaulis along with Rauba invited the German soldiers, made them drink a ton of alcohol, gave them some ham and whilst the Germans were drunk the two men made a hole in a wall, put the two graves in it, and plastered the wall to finish it off. The graves had vanished.
When the Russians came back, they built a mausoleum in the old cemetery." (2019)