Senamiesčio turgus

Judita: "When I was young I used to live with my custodian in M.

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1930 / 1939

The Building of Kaunas Garrison Officers' Club

The first building of Garrison Officers' club during the Interwar period was in a two-storey building designed by an unknown architect at the corner of Laisvės Alėja and A.

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1990 / 2000

Partizanų street

Street, yard, house. I still remember where a turn should be taken in order to find myself next to the nine-store house, which was my most favourite place in my childhood.

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Judita zaidzia su nuotraukomis2


Judita: ”I had many photos in the ghetto house.

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6 2

The Singing Fountain

Alvydas: Some time ago, before the monument for Darius and Girėnas, there was a “singing fountain”.

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mociute ir senelis sanciai

Šančiai during the Interwar Period

daugiau foto negaliu prisegti, galbūt galiu persiųsti el. paštu?

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Oakwood Park

Memories about Oakwood Park by people of Kaunas.

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13 0311 DG paminklas ziema mes 074

Darius and Girėnas Monument

The funniest part was to spin circles around the monument with my Nikon, which was used but still great.

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Lithuanian yacht club

Gintaras Vitulskis: These pictures are from the 1930s: in one of them, there is a festive formation of yachtsmen (or maybe sea scouts) captured as seen from Aleksotas, and the other one with Aleksotas in the background. In 1932, the yacht club was established next to Aleksotas bridge in a building floating on a pontoon platform, the so called brandwacht.

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vyrai baltais2

Siūlų street

Fruma: "We were hiding in Petrašiūnai, a place that was not considered to be part of the city.

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Konstantinas: “My childhood passed here, about 80 years ago.

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20181119 162200 003

Lions of the War Museum

Birutė: "It was a long time ago...When in 1955 I‘ve settled down in Kaunas together with my parents and saw the sculptures of lions in the Garden of the War Museum, I was so surprised.

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Demokratų (Democrats) Square

Dobrė: “The action was held in November 1941: at 6 pm we were lined up.

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rsz 1tarnauskas ir tarnauskiene
1930 / 1940


Liuda Riaukienė: “My grandparents Povilas and Vanda Tarnauskai were shareholders of Versalis company.

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1985 Laisves aleja 03


KPG mama

Picture Gallery

Liucija: I remember, when my friend and I, we would go to the Picture Gallery to visit the exhibitions.

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Audronė: „Prieplaukos krantinę vadindavom cimbruvka.

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Screen Shot 2014 08 20 at 2.32.05 PM

Robertas Antinis about Laisvės avenue and its people (video)

Sculptor Robertas Antinis sharing his memories about  people of Laisvės avenue and Kaunas (2014).

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parke 3

Vytautas Park

Neringa: In childhood, our parents would bring us to Vytauto Park.

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Siegfried2. Is vaziuojancio traukinio 2

Railway station

Siegfried: “Just at the outskirts of Kaunas, I was dug up by locomotive firemen and picked up like some kitten.

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