1990 / 2000

Žvangutis kindergarten

Gabrielė: Early morning.

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Paradas 11 07 Janonio Vienybes a. Kaune apie 1950 m

Parade in Janonio (Vienybės) Square

Alvydas Vaitkevičius: I found this picture at booksellers next to Merkurijus without any inscriptions or signs...

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tarnausku seima sventinis pasiplaukiojimas nemunu

Bridge for Vytautas Magnus

1 photographPovilas (first to the right) and Vandas (second to the left), Tarnauskas, restaurant "Versalis" shareholders, festive visit to Nemunas.

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6 2

The Singing Fountain

Alvydas: Some time ago, before the monument for Darius and Girėnas, there was a “singing fountain”.

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Laisvės Alėja (Freedom Avenue)

Laisvės alėja (Freedom Avenue)

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Robertas Antinis: Orbita was a superb club. It was special.

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4.21 3

Kaunas mosque

Jonas: "The mosque that previously belonged to National M.

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Oakwood Park

Memories about Oakwood Park by people of Kaunas.

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Arteritorija vidus spalvota

What place is this?

Riddle for our website visitors:What place is this?

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DSC 9048

Miesto Sodas (City Garden) during the Soviet times

Arkadijus Vinokuras (member of the "Company"): We were proud of Kaunas, and the situation of Lithuania hurt us, so a lot of us would carry a litas coin featuring Duke Vytautas from the Smetona times.

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1988 / 1991


Laumė café that was working during the Soviet times was famous for its good coffee and sweets but the most important thing there was the sense of community.

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3. Solveiga Lukminaite. Kauno Laisves al. fontanas 1996 m. vasara
1994 / 1998

Fountain in Laisvės Ave

Solveiga Lukminaitė: My memories related to Laisvės alėja (Avenue) are only positive ones.

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Lithuanian yacht club

Gintaras Vitulskis: These pictures are from the 1930s: in one of them, there is a festive formation of yachtsmen (or maybe sea scouts) captured as seen from Aleksotas, and the other one with Aleksotas in the background. In 1932, the yacht club was established next to Aleksotas bridge in a building floating on a pontoon platform, the so called brandwacht.

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Edita 1963 m erzina liutus

Lions of the War Museum

Rimantas: “This photo of my daughter Edita is taken in 1963, when she was 3.5-years-old.

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1962 Jonas N

Lions of the War Museum

Jonas: “At the beginning of July 1962 and after graduating the 1st High School of Ukmergė (now the High School of Jonas Basanavičius), My classmate Vytautas Juknys and I, Jonas Navikas, arrived at Kaunas for the first time (!).

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mociute ir senelis sanciai

Šančiai during the Interwar Period

daugiau foto negaliu prisegti, galbūt galiu persiųsti el. paštu?

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Rotušės aikštė

Audronė: ,,Gyvenau ir ligi šiol gyvenu name, kuriame yra ,,Medžiotojų užeigos“ restoranas.

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Kaunas Factory "Drobė"

Rūta: "In the spring, 1958 we said our goodbyes to Kaunas VI Secondary School.

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13 0311 DG paminklas ziema mes 074

Darius and Girėnas Monument

The funniest part was to spin circles around the monument with my Nikon, which was used but still great.

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S. Darius and S. Girėnas

Eugenija: "I saw the graves of Darius and Girėnas in the institute.I was admitted to the medicine institute in 1945.

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