Edita 1963 m erzina liutus

Lions of the War Museum

Rimantas: “This photo of my daughter Edita is taken in 1963, when she was 3.5-years-old.

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KPG mama

Picture Gallery

Liucija: I remember, when my friend and I, we would go to the Picture Gallery to visit the exhibitions.

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1941 / 1949

Oakwood Park

1 photographLili Kristina Vaičekauskaitė-Čepauskienė (2014): Me and my mother in the Oakwood Park in1947.

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azuolynas rimante

Ąžuolynas (Oakwood Park)

Alma: It is very nice to remember how people would gather in the Oakwood Park.

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Karo muziejus Vaitkevicius

The Baltic Way in the Museum of War

Indrė Žakevičienė: The most memorable event for me was the commemoration of February 16 in 1989 in Santaka Stadium and the “analogue” of the Baltic Way 25 years ago in the Museum of War.

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06 man puts political drawings kl

Kaunas Castle Bus Stop during the Soviet times

Liucija: I arrived from the sea coast to study in Vilnius.

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rsz 1tarnauskas ir tarnauskiene
1930 / 1940


Liuda Riaukienė: “My grandparents Povilas and Vanda Tarnauskai were shareholders of Versalis company.

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Laisves aleja 6x6 06 jxb
1940 / 1990

Laisvės avenue during soviet time

Writer Markas Zingeris: for me as a child, Laisvės Avenue was both freedom and a promise.

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Vilijampole 5


Jolita: My grandparents lived "on the hill", in Vilijampolė.

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Asija: “The most important place for me was the Sobor.

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1988 / 1991


Laumė café that was working during the Soviet times was famous for its good coffee and sweets but the most important thing there was the sense of community.

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1945 / 1998

Cinema in Šančiai

Gintaras Vitulskis: After the war, when the wooden cinema Lyra (Lyre) burned to the ground, and Taika (Peace) cinema theatre had not been built yet, the Methodist church was nationalized and turned into a cinema theatre.

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Irina: “My dad is Russian.

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Oakwood Park

Memories about Oakwood Park by people of Kaunas.

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IMG 20190517 132233

A Monument "We Died for the Motherland"

Stasys: "Since I lived up the hill in the city, in Vaižgantas street, I used to go past the cemetery to work.

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Monument for Maironis


Kauno pilis

Audronė: „Pilis dabar atrodo visai kitaip.

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tarnausku seima sventinis pasiplaukiojimas nemunu

Bridge for Vytautas Magnus

1 photographPovilas (first to the right) and Vandas (second to the left), Tarnauskas, restaurant "Versalis" shareholders, festive visit to Nemunas.

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1930 / 1939

The Building of Kaunas Garrison Officers' Club

The first building of Garrison Officers' club during the Interwar period was in a two-storey building designed by an unknown architect at the corner of Laisvės Alėja and A.

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Audronė: „Prieplaukos krantinę vadindavom cimbruvka.

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