Miesto sodas (City Garden)

Lili Kristina Vaičekauskaitė-Čepauskienė (2014): We would often play in Miesto Sodas.

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Paradas 11 07 Janonio Vienybes a. Kaune apie 1950 m

Parade in Janonio (Vienybės) Square

Alvydas Vaitkevičius: I found this picture at booksellers next to Merkurijus without any inscriptions or signs...

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Juozas Naujalis Music Gymnasium

Raimonda Pauzienė (51): [In Juozas Naujalis Music School] everyone was trained to be a musician.

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Karo muziejaus sodelis XX a. 8 as desimtmetis

Garden of the Museum of War, 1970s

Alvydas Vaitkevičius: A note on the monument of Salomėja Nėris: I remember it standing there.

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IMG 3179

"Paveikslinė" Picture Gallery

D.B.: Even though that for most residents of Kaunas, Picture Gallery seems as located in a Bermuda triangle, to me it has probably become a symbolic place, where I made the decision about my profession.

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Scan10007 001
1933 / 1937

Ice-rinks of the Temporary Capital

Roberto: When ice hockey was the most popular winter sport in Kaunas, the teams of Kauno Jachtclubas, LFLS and Makabi had their own ice-rinks.

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Dismantling of Lenin monument

Gintaras: "One detail stuck to my mind from the dismantling of Leninas monument: next to Donelaičio Street, under a tree, I saw an elderly couple, probably of Russian nationality.

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1955 / 1965

Smėlynas (The Sands; P. Vileišio Square)

Petras Vileišis Square (or Smėlynė, as it was called by the residents of Kaunas) was a place famous for horse racing.

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vyrai baltais2

Siūlų street

Fruma: "We were hiding in Petrašiūnai, a place that was not considered to be part of the city.

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1990 / 2000

Žvangutis kindergarten

Gabrielė: Early morning.

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The Zoo

Kęstutis: "We were living at Gričiupio Street, where the current KTU student campus is located.

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Garden reconstruction of war museum

Arteritorija vidus spalvota

What place is this?

Riddle for our website visitors:What place is this?

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1986 / 1987

Sculptures in Ąžuolynas (The Oakwood Park)

Alvydas (50): When my then-future wife was studying in Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, we would often walk around the Oakwood Park...

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IMG 20150306 155214

Russian Aesthetic Education Centre

A.K.: Russian Aesthetic Education Centre later received the name of Mstislav Dobuzhinsky.

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05 rolling carpet across the street kl

Kaunas Castle Bus Stop


Gyvenamasis namas Rotušės aikštėje

Audronė: „Namas priklausė Zabielų rūmams. Ir pats namas – dabar jis supaprastintas – buvo labai įdomus, ypač architektūra apačioje, visur – skliautai, didžiuliai praėjimai, sraigtiniai laiptai.

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vienybes a

Vienybės (Unity) Square

Galina: “Formerly, the Christmas tree was decorated at Vienybės (Unity) Square.

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DSC 9048

Miesto Sodas (City Garden) during the Soviet times

Arkadijus Vinokuras (member of the "Company"): We were proud of Kaunas, and the situation of Lithuania hurt us, so a lot of us would carry a litas coin featuring Duke Vytautas from the Smetona times.

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Senamiesčio turgus

Judita: "When I was young I used to live with my custodian in M.

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