Church of St. Gertrude

Gintaras Vitulskis: The first victory.

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Kauno pilis

Audronė: „Pilis dabar atrodo visai kitaip.

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Rotušės aikštė

Audronė: ,,Gyvenau ir ligi šiol gyvenu name, kuriame yra ,,Medžiotojų užeigos“ restoranas.

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4.21 3

Kaunas mosque

Jonas: "The mosque that previously belonged to National M.

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Edita 1963 m erzina liutus

Lions of the War Museum

Rimantas: “This photo of my daughter Edita is taken in 1963, when she was 3.5-years-old.

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Juozas Polis Kauno centras
1970 / 1990

Looking down from the Resurrection Church

Grafas: This photo hangs on a wall in my house.

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1988 / 1991


Laumė café that was working during the Soviet times was famous for its good coffee and sweets but the most important thing there was the sense of community.

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rsz 1tarnauskas ir tarnauskiene
1930 / 1940


Liuda Riaukienė: “My grandparents Povilas and Vanda Tarnauskai were shareholders of Versalis company.

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Vasario 16 g. 1946 metu potvynis

Flood in 1946

Lili Kristina Vaičekauskaitė-Čepauskienė: The flood of 1946 in Kaunas was a very strong one.

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6 2

The Singing Fountain

Alvydas: Some time ago, before the monument for Darius and Girėnas, there was a “singing fountain”.

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DSC 8874

Senas Stalčius (Old Drawer)

Music club Senas Stalčius (Laisvės ave.

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IMG 3179

"Paveikslinė" Picture Gallery

D.B.: Even though that for most residents of Kaunas, Picture Gallery seems as located in a Bermuda triangle, to me it has probably become a symbolic place, where I made the decision about my profession.

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1930 / 1939

The Building of Kaunas Garrison Officers' Club

The first building of Garrison Officers' club during the Interwar period was in a two-storey building designed by an unknown architect at the corner of Laisvės Alėja and A.

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13 0311 DG paminklas ziema mes 074

Darius and Girėnas Monument

The funniest part was to spin circles around the monument with my Nikon, which was used but still great.

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2011 / 2013

Vine café Taškas A

(Operating from 2011 to 2013).

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mociute ir senelis sanciai

Šančiai during the Interwar Period

daugiau foto negaliu prisegti, galbūt galiu persiųsti el. paštu?

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Demokratų (Democrats) Square

Dobrė: “The action was held in November 1941: at 6 pm we were lined up.

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1945 / 1998

Cinema in Šančiai

Gintaras Vitulskis: After the war, when the wooden cinema Lyra (Lyre) burned to the ground, and Taika (Peace) cinema theatre had not been built yet, the Methodist church was nationalized and turned into a cinema theatre.

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Scan10007 001
1933 / 1937

Ice-rinks of the Temporary Capital

Roberto: When ice hockey was the most popular winter sport in Kaunas, the teams of Kauno Jachtclubas, LFLS and Makabi had their own ice-rinks.

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1962 Jonas N

Lions of the War Museum

Jonas: “At the beginning of July 1962 and after graduating the 1st High School of Ukmergė (now the High School of Jonas Basanavičius), My classmate Vytautas Juknys and I, Jonas Navikas, arrived at Kaunas for the first time (!).

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