Memory Office: J. Mackevičienė

Judita Mackevičienė, a member of the Kaunas Jewish community, tells what her house in Laisvės Avenue used to look like before the war, what she used to do in her apartment in the ghetto when her family would go to work, and how people were hidden during the war.

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Memory Office: B. Šragienė

Basia Šragienė, a member of Kaunas Jewish community, recalls seeing bombed cities that she saw through train windows when fleeing away from the war, and railway stations that offered refuge to those running away.

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Memory Office: I. Glikas

Izaokas Glikas, member of Kaunas Jewish Community, remembers how he has spent a winter’s night with his mother in a pile of hay trying to get warm, while wearing summer shoes, and how we slept in a barn and woke up in a block of ice.

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Memory Office: D. Rozenbergienė

Dobrė Rozenbergienė, a member of the Kaunas Jewish Community, remembers how she miraculously survived the Kaunas massacre („Great action“) in Democrats‘ Square by getting to the good side.

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Memory Office: F. Kučinskienė

Kaunas Jewish community member, Fruma Kučinskienė, tells about warm family gatherings at her grandparents' home in the Town Hall Square during traditional celebrations, the pre-war landscape of Kaunas seen from a small car window while sitting on a pile of socks her father was delivering to citizens, and a suddenly changed world with war planes flying in its sky.

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Memory Office: K. Z. Šafranavičius

Kęstutis Zenonas Šafranavičius, chairman of the Lithuanian Tartar Community of Kaunas County, tells about his family, where two religions of Islam and Catholicism lived together.

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Memory Office: A. Kovtun

Crimean Tartar Asija Kovtun remembers life in a house in Laisvės Avenue together with other families, who found refuge in Lithuania after the 2nd World War.

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Memory Office: G. Vėželienė

Belarusian Galina Vėželienė tells about her childhood in a small village in Belarus and her first impressions when coming to live in Kaunas.

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Memory Office: S. Gronau

German Siegfried Gronau tells us about his native Königsberg, and the war that came, changed the life of his wonderful family beyond recognition and turned him into a weak orphan begging for bread in a strange land of Lithuania, the language of which he did not know.

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Memory Office: J. Okulič-Kazarinas

This is a story by Jaroslavas Okulič-Kazarinas, who has Russian roots and whose family lived in Kaunas since the end of the 19th century.

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Memory Office: J. Ridzvanavičius

Jonas Ridzvanavičius, member of the Tartar community of Kaunas District, tells us about Tartar gatherings in Raižiai Mosque during the Soviet times, the establishment of Lithuanian Tartar Community, the recovery of Kaunas Mosque after 1990 and other things important to the memory of Lithuanian Tartars.

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Memory Office: G. Žakas

Gercas Žakas, chairperson of the Kaunas Jewish Community, tells us about his family, career as a sportsman and the cultural amateur Jewish activities in the Trade Union Palace of Kaunas (now Kaunas Cultural Centre) during the Soviet times.

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Memory Office: J. Zarchi

Julijana Zarchi, member of Kaunas Jewish community, tells a story about her multicultural-Jewish and German origins, missing her father whom she had lost very early in her life, the ever-present nostalgia for Düsseldorf felt by her mother and hardships suffered in childhood when deported to the heat of Tajikistan.

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Memory Office: Z. Chessakov

Izraeli Zohar Chessakov tells a story of his mother and her experiences in Lithuania during the war, where she was born and lived.

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Memory Office: I. Abudi

Idan Abudi is the grandson of Liuba Funkaitė Chessakov, a Jewess who was born in Šiauliai after the war and grew up in Kaunas.

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Memory Office: F. Kučinskienė about Kulautuva

Fruma Kučinskienė, a member of the Kaunas Jewish Community, talking about hiding in Kulautuva during the war.

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Memory Office: M. Elberg

Masha Grizaitė Elberg is a resident of Israel with the roots in Kaunas.

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Memory Office: G. Goldfarb

Guy Goldfarb from Izrael shares his impressions about his first visit to Kaunas - a city where his family once lived.

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Memory Office: B. Shirin

Bella Shirin, a Jewish resident of Kaunas tells about her native city, where she lived for the first seventeen years of her life, and whose longing encouraged her to come back very recently after long years of absence.

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Memory Office: L. Stirbienė

I am Laima Kedytė-Stirbienė.

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