CityTelling Festival

The CityTelling Festival started in October 2019 and it is one of the biggest events of the "Memory Office" - programme of Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022.

The initiative unites storytellers: museologists, theatre and other artists, individual history enthusiasts, professional storytellers, local community activists, and others.

The CityTelling Festival aims to remind the multiethnic memory of Kaunas and its surroundings, to strengthen the dialogue between different communities, to encourage pride in the place we live in, and at the same time – to talk about topics relevant to contemporary European.

Every time we invite the festival organizers and partners to tell unheard, forgotten stories of the city and the district, to try new ways of telling stories, and to do it in unexpected, forgotten places.

And we invite the visitors of the festival to embark on a journey that will delight not only with discoveries but also with new experiences. Maybe you’ll discover what you didn’t expect, get an answer to a question you didn’t even know existed ... After all, stories don’t just help us to discover the place we live in. They help us to get to know ourselves, to listen to the other, to understand and empathize better.

The second CityTelling Festival took place from 8-11 October 2020 and explored the theme of "interrupted lives".

The third CityTelling Festival will take place 7-9 October 2021 and will focus on the theme of home.

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