Saulė: After high school, I got into Kaunas Stepas Žukas Technical School of Applied Arts. It was still called like this in 1996. We, students, would simply call it Stepžukė.
My years of studies were probably the happiest of my youth. In high school, I felt different and I couldn't wait until I graduate, and in Stepžukė I felt like myself. This place on a hill with a fenced territory was like a protected area where I felt very well. A group of us working with glass was a small one, so this communication was very warm, we would usually spend our time together and go to concerts.

However, there is one painful memory related to the first-year initiation. During the celebration, a group of skinheads crashed into our celebration and beat a lot of our students...
Everything else was bright. I was usually the first one to come to our workshop. I liked working with glass, even though my first stained glass work did not look nice :). It wasn't easy working with lead, but it was a reason to ask for help from a certain fellow student  :). (2015)