Judita”I had many photos in the ghetto house. They became toys when my parents would go to work and my little brothers to school. When being alone in the ghetto, I was mostly afraid that some man with a gun would come and shoot me down. That fear hasn’t disappeared up until this day, but now it is different…”

- - -

“The residents of the Kaunas ghetto learned about the children's action in advance. Parents were getting ready to hide their children; they looked for acquaintances that could shelter the kids. Men would rip holes in barbed wire fences to carry children from the ghetto. I was taken away in an empty potato bag. I remember how I got into the bag, my Dad closed it and passed me through the hole in the fence to the people. I did not know those people, but they were good”.

- - -

“What do I remember the most from life in the ghetto? It is a constant fear, inhumane hunger, and suffering from sadness and loneliness. My Dad kept trying to provide food for us, but there was no way of how to transport it. However, the Lithuanians helped us. They used to trade food for clothes and other things. I’m grateful for that, because the food we got helped us survive”.


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