1994 / 1998

Fountain in Laisvės Ave

Solveiga Lukminaitė: My memories related to Laisvės alėja (Avenue) are only positive ones. It is the main central street of Kaunas, popular not only among its residents, but its guests as well. In my opinion, the fountain at Laisvės Avenue is the main symbol of the city. At the same time, it is its central point, a popular place for meetings and dates to start off. This place has remained important for me since an early childhood. Back them, I would go there often with my parents on weekends, and, of course, stand in front the fountain for a while to enjoy the spray of water during the heat, or look at a Christmas tree around the Christmas time. We would often take photos in front of the fountain. I would usually be the main character captured in these photos, of course. Back then, photographers would stand next to the fountain with big toys and invite to have your photo taken for a small fee. It was a great attraction. So, I still have more than one photo from my childhood with a giant toy next to the fountain in Laisvės Avenue. Even now, while I still study, the fountain is an important place where I come almost every day. It is a place, which I cross going to my classes almost daily, also it is a place where I meet my friends. (2015)