Kaunas Castle Bus Stop during the Soviet times

Liucija: I arrived from the sea coast to study in Vilnius. During the last year, I married a guy from Domeikava. So, Kaunas Castle has become a stop in between Vilnius and Domeikava. And later, between my home and the workplace. Those were deep and poor Soviet times. The bus would leave every our, so if you were late at least for a couple of minutes, you had to wait for the next one to come for another hour. There were no shops around back in those days. So, in winter, you had to stand in the cold tortured by the wind. I sometimes see the same faces from those times, from the bus, but I don't feel any nostalgia for that place. It reminds me of dark times and distress. (2015)

Saulė: My memories about Kaunas Castle Bus Stop goes back to the Soviet times. We lived in Kaunas district, so our last stop when we arrived at Kaunas was this particular stop. I remember a lemonade machine, with a glass, from which everyone would drink (its taste reminded of Sprite), an ice cream kiosk, because I loved ice cream :) . Later when I started studying, Kaunas Castle has become my everyday destination. It was especially unpleasant in the evening, because it was dark, almost completely without lightning. When I was sixteen, I was afraid of standing there. There were almost no people around, just several suspicious guys. No matter how much I think, I don't have good, warm feelings about Kaunas Castle Bus Stop. (2015)