K. Laurinaitytė: I had been visiting Merkurijus since very young days. It was like one of the monuments of Kaunas. That building had something to it.  It was more beautiful on the exterior than the interior. It was the first place, where my mother allowed me to walk with friends without supervision. (2014)

Alma: I can also mention that before Merkurijus, there was the Univermag (Convenience Store). There were a lot of stores with rare goods, but there is also an interesting fact worth mentioning that dancing evenings were hosted there on a daily basis. Only before the clock struck 11.00 PM, of course. (2014)

Elvyra: Merkurijus [was] like America in a way, like a different world: lots of goods and stores. The building itself was very fancy, so was the interior. I remember splendid stairs, granite steps. (2014)