Sculptor Robertas Antinis: There was Orbita - a superb club. In that common context, it was special. They used to show short erotic movies there, and it was like a strip club. What I remember about cafes of Laisvės alėja [Freedom Avenue], is the fact that it was hard to get in there at the evenings, it would have long queues behind the door. There were people who could get in without queuing - doormen would let them in, they even had their own signage system. They would wink, nod, wave, and so on. It would be weird, if there were queues at the cafes nowadays. Back then, doormen used to have a great deal of power - if they did not like you, they didn‘t have to let you in. People would obey. (2013)

(Video in Lithuanian)

Gidas po bohemišką Laisves alėją. Kaunas, VDU, 2013, p. 23