"Paveikslinė" Picture Gallery

D.B.: Even though that for most residents of Kaunas, Picture Gallery seems as located in a Bermuda triangle, to me it has probably become a symbolic place, where I made the decision about my profession. My mother told me that she would bring me here quite often (I remember those visits like a mirage...), and supervisors, according to her, could not hide their surprise seeing a little girl exploring each item so thoroughly.

Later when I became a more conscious teenager, a young charming architect Marius started working (?!) in our school (definitely forgotten by God and all graces) as a teacher of art history. This was the first time I have understood what underappreciated and interesting area it is. Therefore, he was an enthusiastic and initiative teacher who brought us, a group of students, to meet the sculptor Robertas Antinis in a meeting that took place in Picture Gallery. I don't remember much, but that Antinis was a great orator :) But this meeting has probably been the final push towards my final decision.

Well, when one hot day, I started my first job ever working as an employee of M.K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art, I had to meet my future employer here. I was standing in front of the large windows of Picture Gallery and looked at Donelaičio Street. How was it going to look like? How I was going to manage? I will never forget those moment of excitement.

Well, and Picture gallery itself, first of all, it has a café. This is probably the greatest advantage of this weird building. And the fact that this place has not changed for probably half a century can be forgiven only for its café... (2015)