Rotušės square

Fruma: "My first childhood memories connected to Kaunas are very warm. My grandparents lived in the heart of Kaunas, near Town Hall Square. At the time, buses did not run during holidays, so we used to get from Šančiai district to the Old Town on a carriage (at least we called it so) or on a bričkelė* with a roof you could lift. I remember exactly where the bričkelė stood with harnessed horses. Many years after there was a taxi stop at the same place in the Old Town".
* One-horse holiday cart

 "At Easter we ate specific meals according to our religion. We had a big family, our grandparents had as many as seven children. My aunts and uncles used to take us away from the main table and let us eat in secret what was not traditionally allowed. I have a clear memory of those happy faces that later on vanished"

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