Tadas Ivanauskas High School

Gabrielė: Holding firmly my mother’s hand, I walk in somewhat weak step towards a large building. There is a music playing from where it is located, soap bubbles and balloons are flowing to the sky. In my other hand, I hold a tall flower that my mom is calling gladiolus. The flower is not for me. I am going to give it as a gift. When I approach the building, my eyes glide across the pavement. My mom has told me that I will have to stand in a place with a digit one and letter b next to it. I find this combination soon and drag my mom towards it. But she does not go with me. I must go alone. A bit confused, I go there gingerly and stand in a way, that I could see mom, and she could see me. A dark-haired boy approaches me. He says that he's a 12-grader Karolis, that he congratulates me on enrolling to the first grade and that he promises to bring me to my class. He stretches out his hand, and I see a bubble bottle and an apple. I am confused. The others seem to trust their so-called 12-graders and go together with them. I know that you shouldn't take things from strangers, so I shoot a questioning and frightened look at my mother. My mom just laughs and nods. I smile too, give my hand to Karolis and we walk towards the new beginning of my life. (2017)