2011 / 2013

Vine café Taškas A

(Operating from 2011 to 2013).

Sculptor Robertas Antinis: In a big city, cafés can be divided on the basis of their character. Kaunas is too small for such a special place to appear. But there was this café in Laisvės Alėja, next to Siena.  Various people would gather here and found it interesting listening to one another. It was called Taškas A. Not only painters and other artists would come here. People from outside used to spend time here as well. Listening and observing everything around, they would enter the bohemian context of Taškas A.

Valdas Kilpys, journalist: “...for some reason, extraordinary people started to frequent it: Modestas Patašius, two or three painters of Kaunas, Patackas would stop by and everything was OK. Giedrė cared greatly about the bohemians of Kaunas: she took great care of her clients/ her folks and basically everyone could find everything they need here. Solo artists and musicians from Kaunas Musical Theatre used to come here as well. They used to come after performances precisely to Taškas A. I saw several improvised jam sessions/readings/songs. It was a cool space. […] Audrys Karalius organised Kalantinės in there. It was a super event".