1921 / 1936

Museum of War

Alvydas Vaitkevičius: I cannot stop myself from sharing certain interesting pages with the memories about our old War Museum. I found this with my family in a wonderful book by Jonas Dovydaitis Žmogaus sparnai(1971) dedicated to the birth and development of Lithuanian aviation and to the famous aviation designer Bronius Oškinis. These are his first impressions about visiting the War Museum provided in these pages.

I am also adding some copies of postcards for the sake of clarity. In one of them, the view of the old War Museum hastily made by reconstructing the former Russian Cossack riding hall after connecting it with an adjacent building of Cossack orthodox church. The tower of the orthodox church was rebuilt as the museum tower.  In another copy of a postcard we can see both museums: the old one and the new one in all its glory. The year was 1936. The old Museum was not demolished yet, and the new one was already built, all was left just to plaster it. In the garden of the old museum after 1921, a monument for the ones who perished, the Freedom monument and the fountain with a gnome were built. All this can be seen in a copy of the postcard.