Memory Office: V. Majorovas

Vladimiras Majorovas, a man of Lithuanian-Russian origin, tells about his childhood in Russia during the war and settling in the native land of his mother, Lithuania.

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Memory Office: V. Balsys

Vytautas Balsys-Uosis is telling a story about his - Lithuanian partisan - fight pathways.

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Memory Office: A. Baltuškevičius

Doctor Algirdas Baltuškevičius tells about his family, work, acquaintance with his father-in-law professor Tadas Ivanauskas - prominent Lithuanian zoologist and biologist - and his Obelynė farmstead established in Kaunas district.

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Memory Office: B. Landsbergytė

Birutė Landsbergytė, a musicologist, tells about a family house in Kačerginė, about people who lived and spent their summer holiday there.

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Batya ir Boris

Memory Office: B. and B. Gomberg

In 1953, when the regime in Lithuania became more liberal, self-expression of local and Jewish people became possible - art collectives and ensembles began to emerge.

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Birstone 1953 su tevais ir seserimi

Memory Office: L. Lazarskė

Lilija, who was born in Raseiniai and spent her early days there shares her memories.

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Memory Office: A.Zolotar

Asia Zolotar, a member of Kaunas Jewish Community, who was born in Belarus, shares her memories of childhood in Ukraine, experiences of her family while escaping the war to Kazakhstan and the shelter they‘ve managed to find in Russia.

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Memory Office: L. Baranauskienė

Luiza Baranauskienė shares her memories.

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Atminties biuras: J. Mažeikaitė

Iš Panevėžio kilusi, bet daugiau nei šešiasdešimt metų Kaune gyvenanti Janina prisimena dalyvavimą partizaniniame judėjime, padirbtus asmens tapatybės dokumentus, pirmąsias viešnages Kaune lankant NKVD įkalintą brolį, ištremtų artimųjų likimą Sibire ir jaunos jos šeimos kūrimąsi Vilijampolėje bei Žaliakalnyje...

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Memory office: Jaq Greenspon

Jaq Greenspon was born in 1967, Las Vegas, United States of America.

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Memory Office: K. Pankrašov

Konstantin Pakrašov, a diakon in the Kaunas Orthodox Church and a seventh-generation Kaunasian, tells us about his Russian lineage, introduces the Kaunas Orthodox Church Community together with his role in it, and discusses the long history of different cultures and religions getting along in his hometown.

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Nelli Mazitova 50

Memory Office: N. Mažitova

Please introduce yourself and tell us briefly about your family.My name is Nelli Mažitova.

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Memory Office: S. Dovydaitis

Partizan Stasys Dovydaitis tells a story about All Saints' day events in 1956 in Kaunas Old Cemetery.

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Memory Office: R. Litay

Litvak Roza Litay shares memories of her family's life in Kaunas and beyond - the fate of the loved ones during World War II, the Soviet era and later.

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Roza pasakoja

Memory Office: R. Bloch

A 1930 Kaunas-born Litvak Roza Gapanavičiūtė Bloch talks about her family's experience during the Second World War in Kaunas ghetto, and later - in the Stutthof concentration camp.

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Kaune pries kara

Memory Office: Family of Pulerevitch

Jewish Yechezkel Pulerevitch was a poet and author of the Anthem of “the Prisoners of Zion”.Yechezkel was born in 1914 in Joniškis, Lithuania.

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1 Discant Family


My name is Ya'arit Glezer-Krakinovsky, and I was born in Kaunas in 1947.

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